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Eva Fiallos Diaz

Marién A. Peña

Artist and educator at HEART Centered

Marién A. Peña is an artist and educator born in Puerto Rico. She obtained a B.A. from the University of Iowa. She became an art teacher for private schools in Central Florida. Subsequently, she completed her Montessori Education Certifications in Central Florida and California, and a master’s degree in Education from St Catherine University, Minnesota, becoming a field consultant and instructor for Montessori Teacher Training Centers across the US. She holds a Ph.D. in Eco-Art Therapy/ Applied Ecopsychology from Akamai University and is certified as an expressive arts facilitator. For a few years, Dr. Peña served adults with Alzheimer’s, bringing art as medicine activities to assisted living facilities in Central Florida. She is the creator of “Keeping Children Connected,” a series of workshops designed to give teachers tools to engage students with nature. Dr. Peña is currently the owner of HEART Centered, an art studio that provides eco-art therapy and expressive arts facilitating for individuals and groups. Dr. Peña has spent her life educating others on using art and nature as healing tools for stress, self-care, anxiety, and stagnation.