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Elizabeth Delgado

Elizabeth Delgado

CEO and Co-Founder of Colectiva Wellness & Healing  (she/they)

Elizabeth Delgado is an international public speaker, employee well-being strategist, appreciative inquiry and workshop facilitator, healer, resilience coach, community organizer, and activist. She has 20 years experience in earth-based and healing practices, having worked with many community members on their path towards healing and liberation.

Combined with 20+ years of human resources, employee wellness management, community theater, community organizing, and intersectional activism, Delgado specifically focuses on gender-based violence advocacy, prevention, and artivism as the co-founder of V-Day Lawrence since 2008. She currently served on the National Council for Technical & Training Assistance for Esperanza United. She is also the co-founder of Rainbow Alianza in Lawrence, creating safe and inclusive spaces and events for LGBTQ+ people. She also recently joined the National Care-Team and Facilitators Group for Creating Freedom Movements.


She brings an authentic, personable, and intersectional approach to her work. Working with C-Level executives in various fields such as healthcare, government, education, and nonprofits. Delgado has a vast knowledge of these workforce cultures and their employee wellness needs. Blending her unique knowledge and skills in HR management, activism, and the healing arts, she birthed Colectiva Wellness & Healing.


Delgado identifies as a Taino-Borikua, queer, disabled, survivor of gender-based violence, and a sole parent raising her teen daughter – they love to cook and travel together. She is committed to sharing her knowledge, resources, and gifts with the world through the lens of decolonization, social, disability, and healing justice.